About Amber + Elle

I’m the beating heart behind Amber + Elle photography, established in 2014. Outside of my amazing job I find joy in crafting, cupcakes, champagne, my dog, Harry Potter, and staying up too late. 

Whether you’re getting engaged, marrying the love of your life, celebrating a new life, or striving to grow your brand, I look beyond passing trends to bring you a collection of photos that will appeal to you for generations. While I offer a variety of packages, I specialize in capturing the dynamic between couples through engagement sessions and wedding photography.

When you look through my portfolio I hope you will see the romance, honesty, fun, and tenderness behind each image. 

Meet mariah:

Harry Potter movies are watched while editing the average wedding


beautiful weddings are photographed every year.


puppies at home keep me extra joyful!


I love getting to explore new locations and unique venues.

exploring venues

I love seeing each little bridal detail specifically chosen for the wedding day.

all the details

Fresh flowers are beautiful at weddings and in everyday life. They're the way to my heart.


As a professional wedding photographer, romantic moments are simply my favorite.


What I love Most:

When I first thought about designing a logo for my photography business, my biggest roadblock was picking a name. I wanted to settle on something simple and personal, yet elegant and memorable. Amber, while it possesses qualities of a gemstone, is in fact the fossilized resin from evergreen trees. Like a photograph, it captures a moment and turns it into a tangible eternity. Amber captures the light and releases a calming, bright energy. In this sense, Amber captures my values as a photographer. In the background of your most important moments I strive for a level of both professionalism and personalization that allows you to feel peaceful and present as you enjoy your big day. Incidentally, Amber is also the name of my beloved dog!

When I married my husband Matt two years ago I became Mariah McCreery, but for most of my life I was Mariah Ellenwood. The “Elle” in Amber + Elle is to honor the little girl who loved weddings and grew up to make a life from capturing love stories. 

The story behind A+E...

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Every photo I take is a reminder of the profound importance a single image can have on a person’s life. The meaningful moments in our life are a collection of images in motion, images that are part of a much bigger story. Photographs allow us to relive the important moments in our lives and to remember the people we love. When I was pregnant, I had maternity photos taken knowing I was capturing a moment I could never get back. In August of 2020, I lost my daughter, Aera, due to a neural tube defect that isn’t compatible with life. I delivered her stillborn. This staggering loss reinforced what was already so important to me—capturing and honoring memories and the lasting love and tenderness that lives beyond each photograph. When you choose to work with me, I become part of one of the most important days of your life. You can feel confident in your decision knowing that I care. I care about you. I care about your special day and preserving your memories. 

As a photographer, an integral part of my process is building a relationship with my clients. When I photograph a wedding, I play a versatile role. You can trust me to attend to the details of your timeline, to work with the DJ to time and capture your first dance, to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so I can blend in to the background while staying close enough to capture all of the beautiful details of your wedding day. In a world that can be so busy and impersonal, I strive for connection so I can tell your story while making you feel comfortable and look stunning. 

what sets me apart...

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As a little girl, I was obsessed with weddings. Like many little girls, I spent hours daydreaming the details of my own someday wedding. I attended many weddings growing up, occasionally as the flower girl—a job I took very seriously! By the time I graduated high school I knew I wanted to be a photographer, but I went to college for graphic design after hearing one too many times that photography wouldn’t be a sustainable career. I’m grateful for the things I learned while studying graphic design and I think the experience enhanced my eye as an artist in addition to equipping me with some of the technical skills needed to run my own business. However, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to pursue my passion full-time. I love everything about weddings—from the beautiful gowns and handsome tuxes to the music playing during cocktail hour and the amazing florals. 

how it began...

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am an avid maker

Most people don't know that I:


My favorite time of year for pictures is:

do freelance graphic design

When it's not wedding season, I:

styling the bridal details.

My favorite part of a wedding is:

a wedding planner.

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

a lot of late nights editing!

During wedding season, I usually have: